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LED vs. Traditional Lighting

LED vs. Traditional Lighting

Why choose LED lighting technology over traditional lighting solutions?

More than ever before, people across Australia are making the switch to LED lighting over traditional incandescent and halogen lighting solutions. With LED saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a year from your power bills it is easy to see why! But saving money is not the only benefit that comes with converting your home or business to LED. Here are just some of the incredible benefits that can be found in making the change to LED lighting compared to traditional lighting today:

Light output - LED's have a minimum output of 120 lumens per watt, where as incandescent lights have an approximate output of 12-24 lumens per watt. LED lighting produces more brightness per bulb of any light you can buy on the market.

Lifespan - LED's have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. If switched on for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, they would last up to 18 years. Incandescent halogen bulbs, if used in similar conditions, they would last up to approximately 2 years.

Safety -  LED's are free of hazardous chemicals and safe even if the bulb is broken. LED's also run cooler than traditional globes and are safe to touch. Unlike fluorescent globes, LED's also don't emit UV light and are suitable to be used around artwork.

Durability - LED lights are comprised of a hardy structure resistant to extreme heat, cold, and vibrations - making them more suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. For example, a halogen bulb if knocked will blow upon the filament breaking or making contact with itself.

Efficiency - LED's consume over 80% less power than traditional lighting and can deliver 10 times the lifespan and over 5 times the light output. For the average Australian, this translates to massive savings over time.

The following table by Australian consumer satisfaction and research business Canstar Blue illustrates the energy savings that can be made by switching to LED:

Light bulb Wattage Usage cost per quarter per light bulb
Incandescent 60 $35
Halogen 42 $25
CFL 15 $9
LED 12 $7

LED technology is now maturing to a point the cost of many LED globes are now comparable to the cost of traditional globes. Coupled with the vast array savings and benefits to be gained by going LED, the choice to switch has never been easier.

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