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Quality Guarantee

This is how we plan to make sure we meet this promise to you:

Our company designs, develops and manufactures our own products. This allows us to constantly be working to ensure the most premium product at the lowest price.

All of our products designed in Australia and  manufactured in the China . This ensures that we at the absolute forefront of any technological developments. It is also a contributing factor as to why many of our lighting products are currently unmatched for energy efficiency.

We help drive the price down even lower with our Eco Rewards Club. This program is designed specifically to help our clients get lighting prices down. We estimate this program has saved our clients literally tens of thousands of dollars.

Our 100 strong distributor channel world wide enables our buying power to drive the price down. We in turn get to pass these savings on to you.

Every product we sell is specifically designed to perform a specific task. This means no waste is occurring in power consumption if it isn’t needed. This in turn helps drive your power bills even lower.

We have one of the longest manufacturing processes in the industry. This is to ensure maximum quality and integrity of the product is maintained as it is built. This allows our products to have a 50,000 hour operational lifetime and a 5 years warranty on 100% of our range.