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SOTA LED International is all about helping as many people save money and the environment as possible! This is why we have designed our Eco Rewards Club to help you save even more just by choosing Eco Lighting Supplies. The great part of this program is that it takes nothing to join. Make your first purchase with us and you automatically gain entry to the applicable level.

The more you spend the more we save you and your business.

Distributors, businesses, contractors, builders, home renovators can look forward to saving with membership to our exclusive Eco Rewards Club today. We say its about time someone had a rewards club that didn't have paperwork, applications, targets, obligations, walls, barriers or any hassle whatsoever to be a part of! We want our rewards club to be the ultimate thank you to our trading partners and customers. Lets start saving today!

 10% Flat Discount, 50% off shipping and priority on orders.
Simply spend over $10,000 in any given month for a 12 month membership

The ultimate level of membership. Look forward to getting a flat 20% discount on all invoices, plus we will include 50% off all shipping cost and ordering priority. Ideal for large sized businesses, distributor outlets and large volume contracting and building.

 5% off your total order amount and 25% off shipping costs.
Simply spend between $1000 – $10,000 in any given month for a 12 month membership

Silver membership is where things start to get serious. On this level you have access to not only getting 15% off of your total order amount, we will include 25% off all shipping costs. The perfect level for distributors, builders and medium to large sized businesses.

 3% off all orders
Simply spend between $100 – $1000 in any given month for a 12 month membership

Our bronze level is designed for small business and the enthusiastic home renovator. Nice and simple. Spend over $100 in any given month you not only will get 10% off of your invoice, the discount will stand for the next 12 months.


For more information on SOTA LED International Eco Rewards Program, visit our contact us page and one of our friendly team will respond within 24 hours. Or simply call us on 1300 255 533.