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Why you save

At SOTA LED International one of our main goals is to make sure that not only are we providing the highest quality product for our clients, but perhaps even more importantly, how we can be environmentally conscious and help save you or your business money.

Reduce your lighting's power consumption by over 400%. This means our products literally pay for themselves!
Our products can last over 10 years. This means not only are you saving on power consumption, you are also not having to buy lighting every few years. A long term investment that pays for itself over and over again.
Because of the dramatic reduction our products enjoy over traditional lighting and even our direct LED based competition, you get to purchase your next lighting range with the knowledge that you are dramatically reducing you or your businesses impact on our planet.
Our products are free of all harmful material such as mercury and dangerous chemicals. All certified and all entirely safe for both you and the planet.
Because we have one of the largest lighting supplier networks in the world, SOTA LED International is able to drive the price down on all of our range lower than ever before, meaning more money in your back pocket!
The switch has never been easier. SOTA LED International also rewards you the more you spend. We want premium lighting to be as affordable as possible to help you save more.