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Why the U.S. Government Invested in LED - Infographic

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Why the U.S. Government Invested in LED - Infographic

Since 2012, the United States Department of Energy have heavily invested in switching the nation over to LED lighting to reduce waste, energy consumption, and energy costs. But how come?

Browse our infographic below and find further details underneath (should you choose to) and find out!

Eco Lighting Supplies - US Energy Infographic
1. Low Power Consumption

LEDs use 90% less energy than traditional lighting technologies, providing more light for less power. 

2. Hazard-free 

LEDs are completely free of hazardous chemicals such as mercury and produce very little heat, making them safe around young children and pets. 

3. Extensive Lifespan 

LEDs have a lifespan of 10x longer than incandescent lights, lasting more than 11 years (based on use of 12 hours a day and a life of 50,000hrs). 

4. Heavy-duty 

LED lights are more durable and can withstand being bumped or knocked, as well as temperature extremes. 

5. Light Output 

The light output of LEDs is 5 times more than incandescent lights. A 60-watt incandescent with 800 lumens of light output can be matched by an LED of only 8-12 watts (lumens per watt varies by manufacturer and model). 

6. Efficiency 

95% of energy that goes into an LED is turned into light, with only 5% translating to heat. 

7. Start Time 

LEDs turn on instantly and don't have an annoying "warm up" period before they reach full brightness. 

8. Reduced Expenses 

The extensive lifespan of LED lighting means less money will need to be spent on replacements less often, as well as saving the cost of having such replacements installed. 

9. Job Opportunities 

Research, development, and manufacturing of LEDs and related technologies (such as SMD) create job opportunities and stimulate economy. 

10. Environmentally Friendly 

Consuming far less power, and creating minimal waste thanks to their long-lifespan, LEDs are the most environmentally-friendly lighting technology available.

All statistics were sourced from documents available on the official U.S. Department of Energy website, available here.

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