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RGBW+CCT Flood Lights (Colour Changing & Programmable)

  • Each flood has 2 leading connectors, 1 for the power and the second to link all floods together for the DMX function.
  • The huge benefit of these new RGBW+CCT flood they can be used for a function where the client requires the surroundings to a set colour.
  • When the functions is over or the set colour is not needed by a simple press of the button on the master controller (as per the pictures below) they can be switched to 3000k, 4000k or 5000k so then be used as the traditional flood light.

  • Available in 50 Watts - 4000 Lumens - CRI>80 - Dimensions - 265mm x 220mm x 50mm
  • Available in 100 Watts - 7500 Lumens - CRI>80 - Dimensions - 345mm x 330mm x 60mm