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GU10 LED Downlights

Impressive 240V GU10 LED Downlight Globes

Are you in the market to make a change with your current lighting setup at home? Take the next step in technological advancements with GU10 LED globes for your Australian residence. Nowadays people are genuinely concerned about how much impact they have on the advancement of global warming, so why not go for something that’s not only better for the environment but can also save you money?

240V LED Downlight Globes

This particular design of downlight globe has been created with the everyday Australian home in mind – unlike the 12 volt MR16, these don’t require a transformer as they are made to run on 240 volt power systems just like your home. It’s a slightly cheaper option than its counterpart, and the transformer is actually built into it.

Our range of these great downlight globes come in either a 6 watt or 9 watt option, and can be bought as a single or pack of four. They’re quite simply the highest quality LED fixture that’s available in Australia, and will deliver over 50,000 hours of life for your house. Be content in the knowledge that your carbon footprint will be lower than before and at the same time you’ll be paying less towards utilities each month.

Other LED products we have available

Further to these brilliant GU10 globes, we also have so much more to offer you; floodlights from 10 to 200 watts, balustrade replacements, tubes and so much more. Whatever you need, whether it be for residential or commercial reasons, we’ve got it. Be sure to have a proper browse through what we can supply you today!

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Here at Eco Lighting Supplies, we are truly passionate about what we do not only for Australia but the world. Providing every Australian with an affordable option to ‘go greener’ and save them money on the ever-increasing electricity costs.

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