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Street Lighting

Welcome to a new revolution in energy efficient street lighting. SOTA LED International is proud to introduce the ALFA Series.

The housing and spigot are constructed from aluminium with corrosion resistant powder coating, and the heat sink is anodized. The luminaire features its unique and patented modular design, easy installation, assembly, and maintenance. It also offers a higher luminous efficacy. Sufficient and precision optic lenses and light distribution enable ALFA to meet almost all lighting standards for street, roadway lighting or area lighting. The polycarbonate optic lens kits with UV resistant characteristics and protective stainless steel cover enables the lens kits to be fixed to the extruded aluminium heatsink tightly for incomparable IP67 ingress protection, truly weather proof, and impact resistance performances.

The worldwide prestigious LEDs and led electronic drivers are designed to ensure zero maintenance for ten years, making operating costs and ROI even more competitive. Contact Eco for more information.