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Buster+Punch Power Point GPO+USB

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Buster + Punch Power Point GPO+USB port in BLACK

The Buster & Punch range is a new innovative toggle, dimmer and switch system that is sure to wow! Available in standard AU sizing making it easy to update your existing switches and power points to bold designs with black brass matte finishes With Buster & Punch you can customise the look you want by purchasing an electricity details kit.

Be bold by adding brass to black for a contemporary industrial style or mix chrome detailing to a bronze brass base plate for a crisp clean look. You can install your switch vertically rather than horizontally for a more dramatic look, the Buster & Punch range will change the way you look at your light switches in your home.


Width: 150mm
Depth (behind wall): 40mm
Height: 90mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.