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Buster+Punch Puck Globe

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The Punch Bulb looks especially great when teamed up with Buster + Punch Hooked light shades and Caged lights. Choose between 5W dimmable or 2.5W non-dimmable warm white LED. This bulb consumes just 1/50th the energy of traditional bulbs and fits in any E27 screw light fitting.

Please note that the non-dimmable Punch Bulb is intended for use with on/off switches only, and is not compatible with any dimmer switch. The dimmable Punch Bulb requires an LED compatible dimmer switch, such as Buster + Punch dimmer switches.

Power: 5W

Type: Dimmable LED Screw fitting: E27 Supply:

230 VAC Expected Life: 30 000 hrs

Lumen: max 400 Light appearance: 2400k


Width: 58mm
Depth: 96mm


This product is covered by a 2-year conditional warranty.