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These high temperature flood lights are specifically designed for use in steel smelters, ensuring reliable and efficient lighting in extreme heat. No need to worry about light failure or constant replacements. Get the job done safely and efficiently with our high temperature flood lights.


  • Steel Smelters
  • Injection Plants
  • Die Casting Plants
  • Glass Factories
  • Power Plants


  • 150 Lumens / Watt
  • Beam Angle - 30, 60, 90 degree options
  • Colour - 3000k, 4000k, 5000k & 5700k
  • 100-277 Vac
  • Weight - 150W HT (7.2kg), 200W HT (7.2kg), 150W HT-SEP (4.0kg)

Our 150 Watt and 200 Watts HT Series has a huge operating temperature of -40 degrees to +65 degree, while our HT-SEP Series is -40 degrees to +80 degrees, we obtain this by having remote drivers in our  HT-SEP Series.