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The SOTA SpaceWise LED backlit panel light is the ideal solution for flexible, energy efficient LED lighting for workspaces. It combines Philips XITANIUM SR LED Driver and EASYAIR wireless sensor SNS210. An intuitive Philips Field App on Android smartphones allows up to 40 panels to be grouped together and makes the overall configuration and commissioning during and after installation fast and easy. Wireless wall switches can be connected for manual scene control also.

The LED panels ensures light is only on when and where it is needed via the integrated device of occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning. The family comes in a family of 600mm x 600mm (595mm x 595mm) and 300mm x 1200mm (295mm x 1195mm), recessed, suspended and surface mount, with extra mounting kits that can be used for all office areas and similar applications in schools and hospitals.

SOTA backlit panels light built in sensor is a very slim profile. It is supplied with a high energy efficiency up to 125lm/W and powered by low constant current driver, which is safe, energy efficient and long life. 1-10V dimming. The aluminium frame is a stylish, fashionable and very sturdy with excellent thermal management

SpaceWise Operating Functions:

  • When the first occupant enters, the lighting group lightens up gently to the background level of 20%.
  • As each occupant arrives at their workstation, the panel in the immediate area brightens up to the full illumination.
  • When and occupant leaves their workstation the panel gently dims to the background level of 20%.
  • Daylight dependant dimming occurs automatically, saving even more energy throughout the day.
  • The lighting zone automatically turns off after the last person leaves for the day. 

 PIR Sensor Functions:

  • Lighting controls meet design lights consortium (DLC) networked lighting control system technical requirements (Version NLC5 June 23, 2020).
  • Quick Connect and adjust different sensor angles.
  • Easy commissioning with TUYA/SHARKWARD App (Available in 10S and Android).
  • Bluetooth network with SAAS working by computer.
  • Individual addressability separate or group.
  • Time clock scheduling for individual lights, group or scene.
  •  Multi level dimming: Manual ON/OFF, Automatic ON/OFF, Automatic ON/OFF, daylight harvesting control capability.

Daylight Sensing Functions:

  • The sensor measures the total amount of light in a circular field of 80% of the PIR detection area.
  • Minimum distance from the window >0.6m.
  • Daylight Zone 3.6m from light source (Panel).


  • Conference Rooms.
  • Individual Offices.
  • Open Offices.
  • Hospitals.
  • Classrooms.
  • Break Rooms.
  • Corridors.
  • Lobbies. 

 Part Numbers:

  • 600mm x 600mm - PB30W060P-S
  • 300mm x 1200mm - PB30W312P-S